Original Sports Portraits in Pencil or Oils
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Ty Cobb

Created in pencil or oils, Ron Stark's art transports you back to a simpler and more innocent time, a time before the mass media and 30-second sound bites. One look at his work and memories of old begin flooding your head. Lawrence Zupan, former agent for Peter Max, remarked that Ron's works have a Norman Rockwell-like quality and detail so fine that each piece is filled with emotion. We invite you to sit back and enjoy the art of Ron Stark.

Prints/Commission Work
Ron Stark Studios, Inc. is especially excited to inform everyone that Gicl�e prints of all color works on the gallery page are now being offered for sale. They look just like the original oil paintings at a very reasonable price.

Call or e-mail Ron Stark for commission work on sports portraits or drawings.

About Gicl�e Prints
Gicl�e Printing is one of the recent uses of technological developments for the benefit of the quality of Fine Art Duplication. The term 'Gicl�e' comes from the French word meaning 'to spray' or 'to squirt.' The process starts with a digital rendering of the image, which allows for the greatest detail and color matching with the original painting. The ink is sprayed onto the canvas using sophisticated ink jet printers. This differs from off-set lithography where the prints are rolled through a large press. The advantages to Gicl�e prints are flexibility in size, the choice of surfaces, and quality. For the first time the artist has the ability to reproduce images from originals on the same canvas surface. This results in a print that better captures the feel and look that the artist was after in the studio.

Gicl�e prints require a certain kind of care that is different from regular canvases. The 90 year archival inks used have been treated with an ultra-violet spray coating to protect the print. However, any valued piece of art should receive its own special care. Gicl�e prints can be framed under glass or mounted without glass as with original oil paintings. Water and sunlight does affect the inks and can harm the image. Gicl�e prints are not to be cleaned with cleansers or scrubbed. A feather duster or soft bristle brush should be used for light occasional cleaning for dust.